Monday, February 1, 2010

Mother Obesity is it leads to anomalies baby?

Prevalence of maternal

obesity is increasing day by day.
and anomalies of fetus in utero is also increased, maternal weight

alone was not associated with an increase in congenital

Diabetes was significantly associated

with the increase in the rate of anomalies seen in our

population. Identification of maternal weight as a risk

factor in epidemiologic studies may be a surrogate for

pregestational diabetes.

(Obstet Gynecol 2010;115:290–6)


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great poets of AndhraPradesh

Telugu writers kavi (poets)

Yaddanapudin sulochana rani
Yandamoori veerendranath
Koduri kousalya devi
muppala ranganayakamma
Baliwada Kantharao
Suryadevara ramamohanarao
Vasireddy Seethadevi
Rayaprolu Subba Rao
Kommanapalli ganapathirao
Taallapaaka Annamayya
Paravastu Chinnayya Soori
Bommadevara nagakumari
Sri Krishnadevaraya
Jandhyala papayyasatry
Malladi chandra sekhar sastry
krishna satry
Gonabudda Reddy
Bammera Potana
Yogi Vemana
Viswanatha Satyanarayan
Nori Narasimha Sastry
Tripuraneni Gopichand
Puttagunti Gopichand
Kodavatiganti Kutumba Rao
Gurajada Venkata Appa Rao
Srirangam Srinivasarao
Puttaparthi Narayanacharya
Madhurantakam Rajaram
Dr.Paruchuri Rajaram
Dr.Kommuri Venugopalrao
Somanaadhudu Paalkuriki
Pingali Soorana
Unnava Lakshminarayana
Kandukuri Veeresalingam

still list is there pls post names if any missed here

great wish to all indians through out world

అందరికి సంక్రాంతి శుభాకాంక్షలు
రిపబ్లిక్ డే శుభాభినందనలు
మీ సుధాకర్ యక్కటి
మహిళల వ్యాధి నిపుణులు

How to become great person?

Answer is simple.
I  reframe this Question.How to become a happy person?

As we do things giving happiness to us and others ,benefitted people greet us as a great person.spread our name.Try to love all people around you.Be in positive attitude.
Though others tell us some great reasons about our neighour as a not respectable person still we should treat him/her as a respectable and lovable.We give love we get love reciprocate.If we give hate jealousy badrumours to others we get 1000times same bad stuff from their side.

Eventhough your close friend recommends you to hate somebody pls dont do that inspite that try to understand friend's enemy.That person may be enemy to your friend not to you.Be strong mentally..emotionally.

Somany ways paths methods techniques are there to become great person.Let me know your way of achieving this..waiting for your valuable comment or repy

Who is Great person?

Person who is on news
Or Not in news but dedicated to  their work.
They are hard workers ..favrourite to many people.
Not lazy ..they are ready to do newthings invent new paths
Not beggers..they are givers
Not silent..they creat news
Not unlucky..they change their life into lucky and they change others life ,can influence surroundings.turn many lives.
s s s ..they r great
great persons
let me know great person definition in ur view...waiting for your comments..